A Social Security Disability Attorney in Oklahoma City Helps Clients File for Benefits

Many initial claims for Social Security disability are denied even if the individual is technically eligible. The forms to file are complicated and the disabled person may miss something that is required. Another common problem is not having sufficient documentation to verify the disability. A Social Security Disability Attorney in Oklahoma City can help people who are applying for these benefits so they do not face going without income for a lengthy time frame. If a claim has been denied, the lawyer can file an appeal. Legal representation during the appeals process is essential. Visiting the website Cainlaw-okc.com can be the first step in learning more about filing for benefits or appealing a denial.

The person filing for disability benefits must be able to verify that his illness or injury prevents him from doing his job, and that he will be off from work for at least 12 months in total. The disability also must prevent him from doing a less demanding job.

A disability claim may be denied if the Social Security Administration sees evidence that the claimant could do work while sitting in a chair, for example. A doctor would need to confirm that the individual could not sit in a chair for many hours doing work such as data entry or product assembly without significant pain or fatigue, or risking further injury. The work tasks would also be considered to include normal requirements for standing, walking and lifting light objects — duties that take place in the course of a typical workday.

A firm such as the Cain Law Office can provide information in regard to working on an infrequent basis while collecting disability payments. This is commonly allowed by the Administration.

A Social Security Disability Attorney in Oklahoma City knows which kinds of physical restrictions qualify for disability benefits. For example, the individual might need to lie down periodically during the day, or he might need to switch back and forth from a sitting to a standing position. Sometimes an individual has an illness that makes it impossible for him to work for several days in a row, and the times when his symptoms flare up are unpredictable. This would mean he calls in sick frequently, which makes the situation difficult for the employer. Being able to receive disability benefits is a more positive option in cases like this.

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