A Septic Service in Sorrento, FL Can Pump Out a Septic Tank on Schedule

When people move from a big city to a small town, they often don’t know how to care for their septic tank. They can hire a Septic Service in Sorrento FL contractor to help them. He will evaluate their system and how much water the family uses. Based on these factors he will suggest a schedule for pumping out the tank. This is the most important thing a homeowner can do to keep their septic tank working well.

All of the sinks, toilets, showers, and washing machine are connected to pipes that lead to septic tank. Once the wastewater enters the tank it is treated with bacteria. The solids sink to the bottom. Liquids float to the top of the tank. An outfall pipe allows them to flow into the pipes over the leaching field. This perforated pipes have tiny holes that gradually release the effluent into the sandy soil, where the wastewater is treated again. Eventually, after it is cleaned it rejoins the water table.

It is critical that the Septic Service in Sorrento FL pumps out the septic tank on schedule. If the sold waste in the bottom of the tank reaches the outfall pipe it will try and move into the leaching field. It will clog up the pipes and the only solution will be to replace them. A high solid waste level will also block the waste water in the home’s pipes. The result will be blocked toilets and drains. While pumping will alleviate the immediate concern, the pipes need to be replaced for a permanent solution.

Homeowners also have to be very careful about the chemicals they use. If they pour chlorine bleach into the toilet to clean it or use bleach in the laundry, it can kill the bacteria in the septic tank. If a homeowner uses bleach in the laundry, he should wait a few days for the bacteria to repopulate. Trees should never be planted over the leaching area. Tree root are one of the major causes of clogged and cracked pipes.
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