A Seamless Resin Floor Covering Gets Rid of Grout Lines in Commercial Kitchens

One of the ways that you can ensure that your commercial kitchen flooring is safe and attractive is to have it poured. By taking this approach, you will enjoy a floor that is continuously bonded and one that will not display seams or grout lines, each of which can collect bacteria and dirt.

Reduce Your Risk of Liability with the Right Kitchen Floor

When you experience this type of advantage in a floor covering, you can maintain a safer and more hygienic kitchen. This type of customized flooring is ideal to place in such kitchen areas as food preparation spots or next to freezers and refrigerators. Because it is slip-resistant, the resin flooring reduces the risk of liability that a business often assumes from other flooring products.

Some of the Benefits Associated with a Poured Resin Floor

You can also use this type of floor covering in homes and warehouses. Its slip resistance and anti-microbial qualities also make it an ideal addition to medical facilities. Plus, this type of floor is thermal shock-resistant. As a result, the floor can withstand quick changes in temperature, which is another reason why this floor is used in kitchens. If you drop a hot pan of food on the floor, it is impervious to the added heat.

When making a floor covering choice for your commercial kitchen, this is one type of flooring that you have to consider. You simply cannot overlook its benefits in terms of style, application, slip resistance, thermal shock-proofing, and even ease of care.

Take Your Kitchen Upgrade to the Next Level

Many high-end hotel kitchens use this type of flooring in their facilities. If you would like to know more about poured seamless floors, contact a company such as Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation. Take your kitchen upgrade to the next level by considering this innovative, practical, and aesthetically pleasing flooring. You can request a no-obligation quote by phoning and giving the details for your flooring project. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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