A Popular Wedding Destination in the Caribbean

A destination wedding has many advantages, aside from providing a beautiful, picturesque backdrop. A destination wedding gives you a fairytale wedding that you have imagined. While you may only dream of such a wedding, never really thinking that it could actually happen, with a little planning a destination wedding is certainly possible. A popular wedding destination in the Caribbean is Anguilla.

Why Get Married in Anguilla

Anguilla is a beautiful, island oasis that is rarely overcrowded. With its calm, tranquil blue Caribbean waters, Anguilla is perfect for an island wedding. Although not completely secluded, there are private beaches on the island where you can escape to for a private ceremony. The beaches are not the only place where you can exchange your vows in Anguilla. Many couples have opted for a wedding aboard private yacht’s, historical venue’s, tropical gardens and lovely ocean side villa’s. Watch your dreams come to life with a wedding in Anguilla. Anguilla is situated east of Puerto Rico and north of Saint Martin. The island consists of several smaller cays and islands, most uninhabited, perfect for a private, intimate wedding ceremony. The average temperature in Anguilla is a comfortable 80 degrees. There are also plenty of activities for you and your wedding party to participate in before and after your big day. Plan your reception at one of the beautiful beach side restaurants or hop aboard a boat and cruise to one of the many smaller cays for a small intimate reception. Anguilla offers exquisite white sand beaches and lush landscaping through-out. Every inch of the island offers romantic scenery which provides for a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding. When deciding if you would like to get married in Anguilla, you will be happy to know that there are wedding planners who are familiar with the island and know all that it has to offer to anyone who wishes to get married there. They will take into account all that you want your wedding to be and provide you with an array of options. If you can dream it, they can plan it. If you have a small budget, a wedding abroad is still possible. With all the many chooses that present themselves to you in Anguilla, you are certain to get the wedding of your dreams. Keep your friends and family talking for years after exchanging your vows in lovely Anguilla.

When you are planning on getting married in Anguilla, let Dreamy Weddings help you find the perfect island location for exchanging your vows.

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