A Plainfield Child Custody Attorney Can Even the Playing Field

Bias in child custody cases is a very real factor. A Plainfield child custody attorney can even the playing field between mom and dad. There has been quite a bit of research that looks at a court’s bias towards the mother when it comes to awarding custody. Moving through the court system with that in mind is imperative so that the proper motions can be made and the right answers can be given. Many attorneys are aware of the bias but they do not acknowledge it. A child custody attorney at Fay, Farrow & Associates, P.C. will acknowledge it and keep a close eye on the proceedings to ensure that the bias that is often found in these types of cases does not take hold.

Are Mothers Better Parents than Fathers?

Historically in child custody cases it was naturally assumed that the mother would be the more stable parent because the father had to be at work most of the time. However, today things are a little different. When all things are equal and both mom and dad have careers, what is the deciding factor? If both parents can:

  • Provide a stable home environment.
  • Both have careers outside of the home.
  • Both have the financial means to provide a good home.
  • Both can spend adequate time with the child.

Who Should Get Custody of Children?

Who should get custody? Unfortunately sometimes when the best interest of the child really comes down to it, either parent can do fine by the child. It is left to the legal savviness of a Plainfield child custody attorney. Whichever parent has the better attorney will often win custody. An experienced attorney that is aware of the bias that is present in custody cases can help you to overcome the bias issues and help you to win your case when it seems like there is no easy answer. With the right support behind you, your rights will be ensured. Are mothers better parents or are fathers better parents? Sometimes it all comes down to who the better lawyer is. A child custody attorney at Fay, Farrow & Associates, can help to ensure that your case is heard, your concerns are expressed and your rights are always protected. Don’t risk your case to an attorney that is not experienced. The outcome may depend heavily on that experience. Get the legal support you need from an attorney that can help you.

Avoid child custody bias with a Plainfield child custody attorney that understands that bias may be present. Let an experienced attorney at Fay, Farrow & Associates, P.C. represent your interests.

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