A Personal Injury Attorney in Suffolk County Helps People Hurt in Construction Accidents

Working in the construction injury can be dangerous. Adhering to safety precautions is essential. When a worker has been seriously hurt on the job, he may want assistance from a Personal Injury Attorney in Suffolk County, NY to obtain fair compensation. Labor laws in New York State protect workers in trades by holding property owners and general contractors liable in the event of an injury. An injured worker may be able to file a workers compensation claim and also file a lawsuit.

Skilled workers such as plumbers as well as general laborers are protected by New York’s labor laws. This is helpful for construction workers, since accidents in this industry can happen to a person working in any type of trade. These individuals may need to work on roofs, ladders or scaffolds that present a risk of falling from a height. They may be working around excavated areas that present a similar risk. If they are performing tasks on the ground or inside a structure, they might be injured by objects accidentally dropped by individuals working directly above them.

Working with defective power tools provided by a contractor is hazardous and can cause serious injury. Heavy equipment can malfunction or a fatigued equipment operator might cause injury to another worker. Fatalities have been known to result when a crane breaks and falls as construction or renovation is being done on a commercial, industrial or other large structure.

A firm such as The Law Offices of Mark T. Freeley can help a construction worker who has been seriously hurt in any of these types of situations. The person may be unable to return to work for quite some time and may not feel that workers comp alone is a reasonable amount considering the hardship he is experiencing. In the tragic event that a worker has been killed, a Personal Injury Attorney in Suffolk County, NY can help his family obtain the compensation they deserve. Financial compensation cannot bring back the family member, but it can help them pay expenses and help make up for the lost income of the deceased individual.

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