A Pediatric Dentist In Brentwood Helps Children To Have Great Smiles As They Grow

Most people know that they should take all members of their family to see a dentist on a regular basis. Those that have dental insurance will think about seeing a dentist at least once a year for an annual exam that includes X-rays. If any cavities are found, they will schedule another appointment for standard fillings. The type of dentist that does this simple dental work is a general service dentist. If family members have other problems, they may try to go see a cosmetic dentist that can provide things like professional teeth whitening, bonding, bridges and veneers. Adults with crooked teeth or have gaps between some teeth may consider Invisalign aligners. Smart parents with very young children will look for a Pediatric Dentist Brentwood has available.

If you talk with a Pediatric Dentist Brentwood has, they will tell you that children should be brought to them just as soon as they start cutting their first teeth but no later than their first birthday. A pediatric dentist like Jason White DDS will explain that by being able to examine children’s teeth just as they are starting to come in, they can determine if any of their teeth are growing in crooked. If any of their teeth are growing in crooked, the dentist can recommend orthodontic treatments as soon as the child is old enough. By using braces while the teeth are in the early stage of development, it is much easier to straighten them. If the first set of teeth, commonly called “baby teeth,” are guided into proper alignment, the permanent teeth will come in properly aligned because the root canal of the teeth will have been developed that way.

As the young children grow, the pediatric dentist can provide fluoride treatments and apply teeth sealants to teeth that need it. Kid-friendly toothpaste can be provided to polish the young teeth and remove any plaque build-up when it first starts to develop. The dentist can help to teach young children good oral hygiene practices that includes preventative dental care. Pediatric dentists are specially trained in how to work with young children in ways that helps the kids not be afraid of dental visits. For these and many other reasons, parents are encouraged to find a dental practice that includes a pediatric dentist so they can be sure that their children will be able to grow up with beautiful smiles.

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