A Lawyer Can Help Get a Social Security Disability Application Approved

Desperate people facing long-term illnesses often turn to Social Security Disability payments to keep from going broke or ending up homeless. It is their only hope for a safety net that will guide them through a difficult time. Instead of being welcomed by a compassionate system that wants to help, they are often stonewalled by a cynical bureaucracy that believes they are out to game the system. Texans who believe that they are entitled to this benefit should contact a social security disability attorney Fort Worth TX for help filing their initial claim or to appeal a denial.

Many hard-working people are ashamed of having to ask for help, even though many of them worked for years and have paid into the Social Security system. Judges can write devastating findings that eat away at the confidence of these injured or sick people. Since they barely have the money to survive, they can’t imaging that they could afford a Social security disability attorney Fort Worth TX to help them. Most attorneys who take these kinds of cases, do so on a contingency basis. That means that they only get paid if they win money for their clients. Usually the first visit is free. At that consultation the attorney will review their case and determine if they can help them.

The person applying for social security disability should ask the lawyer how many of these types of cases they’ve handled and what their success rate is. It’s important to know how many claims were approved by the Social Security system and how many had to go to appeal. They should also ask how much of the settlement or payments they’ll want as a fee.

People shouldn’t be shy about having a lawyer file their initial claim. Missing just one question or forgetting to file the precise number of copies can get a claim rejected. The sick person who needs this money to meet basic expenses will then have to wait even longer. The lawyer will know what type of supporting documentation works best and how to file a claim to have the best chance of success.

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