A Lawn Service in Norfolk Can Keep Lawn and Garden Beds Beautiful

Busy homeowners don’t have the time to spend perfecting their lawns. That doesn’t mean though that they don’t want the most beautiful lawn on the block. Many men take particular pride in having a lush and rich lawn. When they can’t care for it themselves, they hire professionals such as the Southern Roots of Virginia Company. A representative of this respected and experienced company will visit their home and describe the elements that their lawn service in Norfolk contains. They will mow and trim any sized or shaped yard. Walks and curbs will be carefully edge. If the season calls for it, leaves will be removed. The lawn will be aerated and lime applied whenever necessary.

Planting and growing flowers requires a lot of knowledge and many different skills. When a homeowner decides that they want to add pops of color to their yard, they may consult the experts at a garden center. They can be quickly overwhelmed by the tasks required to plant and maintain flowers. A lawn service in Norfolk can also provide skilled gardeners who will plant, water and mulch flower beds. The gardener can decide what flowers to plant and the lawn service will take care of the details.

Residential landscape contains many more elements than just grass, flowers and trees. While a homeowner may have the skills necessary for keeping their lawn healthy, they may not have the skills for adding various structures. Water features are very popular. This can include tranquil ponds that provide visual interest. Other homeowners find that they love to hear the sound of running water when they are resting outside. Therefore they add a variety of fountains to their yard. These can be abstract modern designs or traditional statuary.

Walkways can be installed to allow people to move easily among the flower beds. This prevents well-traveled areas from developing a worn-out look. As homeowners age, it may be easier for them to walk through their flower beds if they are connected with a paved walk way. It is much easier to use a walker or wheelchair in paved areas. Adaptive landscape features can make it easier and more pleasant for people to age in place.