A Guide to Pediatric Dentistry in Haymarket VA

The pediatric dentistry in haymarket va provides a wealth of services to ensure your little one grows with healthy teeth and gums. Among these options are checkups, x-rays, and fluoride treatments. A dentist will evaluate your child’s teeth and teach him or her how to brush properly to maintain the health of their mouth. A dental hygienist will perform semi-annual cleanings to determine if your child has any existing cavities. If this is the case, the dentist will fill all cavities with resin to prevent further decay until the baby tooth becomes loose. Metal crowns are additionally placed over front teeth that possess cavities to improve chewing without causing pain for your child.

The pediatric dentist will provide services for your child until adulthood. This includes evaluating the need for braces or other devices to straighten teeth and keep them properly aligned. Your preferred dentist will instruct you and your child of necessary options to maintain his or her healthy smile throughout the years. Services are extended to sports dentistry additionally for children who damage or break their teeth during sporting activities. These dentists also provide emergency services for injuries or breaks that occur after operating hours. Most dentists provide patients with additional contact information for these purposes. Consult your dental plan to ensure that these services are covered in and available to you.

When your child requires extensive treatments for repairs or extractions, the pediatric dentist offers a mild sedative to prevent pain during the procedure. This includes drilling of cavities, root canals, and the installation of crowns. Your preferred dentist will ensure that your child has a pain-free and comfortable visit each time. Pediatric dentistry in haymarket va provides a fun and worry-free environment for children as dental visits are quite scary for most children. The staff in this field speaks to your child calmly and explains procedures to them to ease their fears and allow them to remain comfortable. Most also provide younger children with new toothbrushes, tooth pastes, and fun items such as stickers as a reward for their visit. This is highly effective for smaller children who may become upset and frightened by tools used by dentists.