A few common cosmetic dental procedures

Not many years ago cosmetic dental treatments were limited in scope and so expensive that they were limited to those of means. Just like everything else, technology has had a positive impact on dentistry; the result is that there are a large number of dental procedures available from a cosmetic dentist in  Beach area and they are no longer only affordable to the elite, the procedures are now affordable to almost everyone.

There is a rather extensive array of cosmetic dental procedures available that have a positive impact on a person’s smile as well as their overall demeanor. No one is better suited at determining which of the procedures that are available are best for you, which of them are best suited to giving you a radiant smile, a smile you have always hoped to have.

Let’s have a look at some of the cosmetic procedures that are being done every day:

Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening is the only cosmetic dental procedure that can be done at home; however, the results will not be equal to those that you can get when you have your teeth whitened by a cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville Beach. Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching can easily and quickly whiten our teeth by eliminating stains. It is unfortunate that teeth whitening is not a procedure that is applicable to everyone; people that have white fillings for example are not good candidates as the white filling material will not change color, only natural teeth that have not been repaired are good candidates for whitening.

Veneers: For those that are not candidates for teeth whitening the solution is a tooth veneer. Not only are veneers an ideal whitening method, the veneers also cover small imperfections in the teeth or even close gaps between teeth. The veneer is an extremely thin wafer of porcelain; the dentist prepares the front surface of the tooth by shaving it down minutely. The dentist takes an impression of the teeth and the veneers are custom made in a lab. These thin veneers are fixed to the front of the affected teeth with a very strong dental adhesive and then given any last little changes.

Bonding: Bonding gives a similar effect to veneers. A tooth colored material is placed on the surface of the teeth and smoothed. The results are similar to veneers but the treatment is not as long lasting.

Crowns: When teeth are damaged, perhaps from an accident or serious decay a crown is employed as part of the repair. The tooth is ground down, a porcelain crown or cap is made which is fitted to the tooth. As the porcelain is fused to metal the crown is extremely strong and can withstand any amount of biting as can a natural tooth.

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