A Divorce Lawyer in Frederick, MD, Represents Clients in Matters Such as Spousal Support and Child Custody

A Divorce Lawyer in Frederick, MD, provides legal representation for clients in the filing for divorce, arranging child custody and visitation agreements, and preparing documentation for the division of assets. This attorney also provides representation if a client needs assistance with a relevant problem that develops in the future. Perhaps the couple shared custody of a child up until this point, and now the other party wants to change that custody agreement. The ex-spouse might prefer to have the child at his or her house four days per week instead of three days, for example. If the two do not share custody, the noncustodial parent may hire his divorce attorney again if his visitation rights are being ignored. The ex-spouse may be setting up barriers to visitation, such as frequently saying the child is unavailable on the weekends when visitation is supposed to occur.

Some divorce cases are amicable. Those fortunate couples do not engage in a legal battle with one another over asset division, spousal support, child support or child custody. Nevertheless, they might still have one area of disagreement. A divorce attorney in Frederick can provide mediation services that help the couple negotiate an agreement that they are both satisfied with. Mediation services allow them to avoid going to court over the issue. Proceeding to court costs more than working out an agreement through mediation, and it tends to be more stressful.

Other divorce cases are not friendly ones. The Divorce Lawyer for each party assists the individual in obtaining the best possible arrangement in regard to asset division, spousal and child support, and child custody and visitation. Contentious divorce cases sometimes proceed to court, where a judge makes a decision on certain matters if the couple cannot come to an agreement through the services of their lawyers. The divorce attorneys represent their clients in court and continue to put forth every effort to make sure the best results occur. The individual requesting spousal support should keep in mind that the payments are typically intended to be temporary, allowing him or her the chance to train for an occupation and either return to the workforce or obtain a higher-paying position.

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