A Complete Security System Provides the Highest Level of Security

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Security

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Video security systems are becoming more and more popular as the cost of complete security systems continues to fall. What once used to cost thousands of dollars now just costs a few hundred dollars. There is no sacrifice in security options either. These systems come with multiple video cameras and recording devices to help a person keep an eye on every corner of a building or property.

Video Systems for Complete Protection

A video surveillance system that is perfect for schools, larger businesses and retail stores, and warehouses is a 16 channel DVR security system. The 16 channel just means that a person can record from 16 different video cameras and store all of the video data simultaneously on a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Having 16 channels of recordings gives the property owner plenty of options for securing the premises.

The 16 channel DVR devices also come with a whole plethora of features. The DVRs feature patented compression technology that allows for ample storage of video. This technology is referred to as H.264 video compression. The DVR also gives the option of outputting the video surveillance as a digital matrix. As many as 8 monitors can be connected into a matrix so that the user can monitor each and every camera.

There are also some nice features with the newer DVRs that allow for the adjustment of the frame rate. To save space, the frame rate can be adjusted to only sample a few frames per second. This can save a tremendous amount of space but does leave the recordings a little choppy. For most situations, there is not a need for full motion video so having this feature is a great asset.

One other feature of the larger DVRs like the 16 channel one is that they allow for remote access. That means that a person can actually monitor the recordings from another computer, whether at home or in any other place. A person does not have to sit in front of the DVR to monitor the video surveillance. A person can even make changes to the DVR settings and even turn recordings on and off without ever having to go on site.

The technology has advanced so much in that last few years that it is actually affordable to install a truly complete video security system. The great thing is that there does not have to be any sacrifice in quality of the product when compared to any other whole security system offered by a security professional. They are also very easy to install. Now just about any person can unpack a new security system and have it installed within minutes. No more expensive installation costs.

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