A Backflow Preventer In Dayton, OH Can Keep Your Home Or Business Safe

A sewer backflow into a home or business isn’t thought about by many owners until disaster strikes and their basement is filled with raw sewage. This type of situation can become a very serious health problem for the occupants of the structure, especially if they try to clean it. Sewer backflow is when an unexpected and unwanted amount of sewage flows back into a home or business from a public line. A Backflow Preventer in Dayton OH can prevent this type of disaster from taking place.

Why Would The Sewage Line Back Up Into a Structure?

A blockage in the line of a private or city sewer pipe can be caused by tree roots, deterioration, or construction damage and cracks in the pipe. Residential growth in the area can produce insufficient capacity to accommodate the waste. A back-pitched drain system and a surge of water due to a large snow melt or heavy rain can cause the sewage to back up into a home or business.

Sump Pump Failure

Many homes in Ohio have a sump pump to remove water from the basement area. Failure of the sump pump can easily permit the sewage to flow back into the basement area and cause a health hazard. A home and business owner has no control over the functionality of a city sewer system, but a Backflow Preventer in Dayton OH can.

Various Types Of Valves Available

There are basically three types of valves an owner can have installed in their home to prevent a sewer back up. An automatic flood gate valve is the most sophisticated type and is 100% effective for stopping damage associated with a sewer backup. A sewer check valve is the least expensive type of valve, but does not prevent backwater 100% and is only good for short-term backups that last for less than a day. A manual sewer gate valve must be manually opened or closed to remove water from a basement area or prevent it from entering.

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