6 Helpful Tips to Find the Roofing Contractor You Need

Leaks, damaged shingles, and granules in the gutter are just a few of the signs that your roof may already be structurally unsound. If you’ve been meaning to call for a roofing contractor in your Santa Ana CA community, but have yet to get around to it, here are top tips to help get your search back on track.

Know what you need

First off, decide what kind of services you need. Some companies may only be equipped for minor repairs and may not have the resources to take on a larger reroofing project.

Use your network

Work your contact list. Reach out to people you know and trust. Ask for referrals and tips. If you know someone who’s already had roof repairs done, ask them for suggestions too. Local referrals for a roofing contractor in your Santa Ana CA neighborhood will likely work best.

Ask about their training

The best contractors have undergone training and safety programs. That’s the kind of roofer you’ll want to hire for the job, GAF says. If yours seems clueless about safety compliance guidelines, it may be best to consider hiring someone else.

Don’t give in

Don’t think you need to hire the first roofer you find. Feel free to explore your options. If the contractor is pushy and aggressive, stand your ground. Don’t give in to the pressure. Remember that a new roof can cost you a lot. It’s only wise that you take your time in choosing a contractor.

Check the materials

A good roofer will never skimp on the quality of the materials. If the roofer suggests cutting corners by getting cheap supplies, look elsewhere.

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