5 Important Benefits Of Fiberglass Insulation

Properly insulating your home will keep your house warmer when the temperature drops. Since your furnace won’t have to run as hard, you’ll also save money and wear on your heating system. Installing fiberglass insulation has many benefits and below you’ll discover why many homeowners choose this type of insulation to keep their home warm.

Low Cost

This type of insulation is one of the least expensive kinds of insulation available, beating the cost of rockwool, cotton batts and spray foam. Since this insulation is easy to install, some homeowners install it themselves to save money on labor costs.

Water and Fire Resistant

Fiberglass is not a combustible material, so it’s a good choice to have in your home in case a fire breaks out. Since the materials in this insulation are naturally fire resistant, there are no fire retardant chemicals sprayed on the insulation. If the insulation comes into contact with moisture, it will not absorb the liquid and after it dries out, it retains its original energy rating.

Noise Reduction

When you have fiberglass installed, the outside noise is greatly reduced inside your home. Inside noises from room to room and floor to ceiling are also less noticeable. Furnaces and air conditioners won’t sound as loud when you have fiberglass insulation installed.

Environmentally Friendly

Fiberglass is manufactured by using sand and recycled glass pieces. Billions of pounds of glass bottles, jars and containers have been used to produce fiberglass instead of taking up valuable landfill space. Since sand is a natural resource, producing fiberglass does not negatively impact the environment.

Various Types

For insulating your entire home, fiberglass is available in different types for different applications. Batts are often used within the studs in wall spaces and between ceiling joists. Loose fill fiberglass can be placed inside of attic spaces. Board fiberglass is often installed in exterior walls and in foundations for extra insulation in the home.

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