4 Tips for Taking Care of Your Fleet

The National Transportation Safety Board or NTSB says that about 1298 commercial aviation accidents happened in 2013, resulting in 236 fatal accidents and a total of 429 deaths. The numbers are low but safety is always a priority when you’re on the ramp. Here are some essential tips to keeping your fleet well able to service your clients in the safest and most reliable way possible:

Regular maintenance

Having your fleet taken in for regular maintenance can save you a whole lot of trouble down the line. It easy to miss if something’s off but a lot of times, aircraft problems often come with plenty of noise and warning. Also, if you’re noticing signs that your engine isn’t working as efficient as it should or there’s a little problem with your takeoff, you might want to consider getting an engine overhaul. Don’t put it off. If you do, you could find yourself dealing with even bigger problems in the future. This goes for your ground support equipment too.

Timely repairs

When it’s time for repairs, you shouldn’t waste any time. Even a little bit of damage could spell a huge problem in very little time if you don’t take action for proper repair.

Engine break-ins

When the maintenance work is over, your pilot’s job is to break in the overhauled engines, says Plane and Pilot. That way, you can get engine failure—which tends to happen after the first 12 hours of flying the plane right after a maintenance or repair stop—to happen. When that’s done, you can get back down to the business of flying without having to worry about the engine failure happening while you’re on-route to make a delivery or fly back home, according to schedule.

Checking the rentals. If you’re renting aircraft ground support equipment, make sure these are always in tip-top shape. It helps if you already work with a ground support provider you trust. Whether it’s by the company’s reputation, experience or past record, look for indications that you’re dealing with a trustworthy team. Your staff’s jobs aren’t the only thing on the line when a mistake ensues. Accidents on the ramp can result in casualties as well. Make sure they don’t happen by using a reliable ground support provider.

These are all tips to ensure you keep safe whether you’re in the air or on the ramp. They’re sure to come in handy at the right time.

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