4 Things to Know Before You Get Full-Mouth Implants

If you don’t want to opt for temporary crowns and dentures, then implants can provide you with the solution you need. Here’s what you should know before you decide to get full-mouth implants in Leesburg.

It involves surgery

The titanium screw will be implanted into your jawbone through surgery. Compared to bridges and dentures, an implant is a much more invasive means of replacing a damaged or lost tooth.

Jawbone mass matters

The screw will serve as an anchor for the replacement tooth and, eventually, it fuses with your jawbone. That’s why it’s essential that you have enough mass in your jaw area to provide enough support for the implant. If that isn’t the case, your dentist will likely recommend dentures or bridges instead.

Prepare for multiple visits

Getting an implant means you’ll need to go for multiple visits. There are two stages of the treatment. After the extraction of the damaged tooth, the metal implant will need to be inserted into your jawbone. Your dentist will suture up the gum surface to close the gap. Then you’ll to wait for about three to six months before the implant has fused into the bone before the abutment is screwed into the implant. That will serve as the anchor for the denture. Given all these, you’ll need to prepare for multiple visits, especially if you plan on getting full-mouth implants.

Look for a good dentist

This is a complicated dental procedure, one that requires the skills and expertise of an experienced dentist. Make sure you pick the right one by checking for credentials. Scout for local dental service providers. Positive reviews from other clients can also help you with your hiring decision.
Keep these tips in mind for excellent results, and contact Cascades Center for Dental Health for full-mouth implants in Leesburg.

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