4 Reasons Your Next Solo Trip Should Be to Japan

Planning for your next trip? Why not take one to the land of the rising sun? Here are top reasons why:

Easy transportation

Trains in Japan make it easy for you to go around. You can bop over to nearly everywhere in the country just by getting the JR pass. Buses are also convenient and easy to use.

Great accommodations

Wondering what kind of accommodations to book and where? No worries. Look up guidebooks and you’ll see solo travel tips for women on where it’s safe to stay on your own. However, Japan itself is a safe country so you’ll have no problem walking solo at night.
Delicious food

There are a lot of things to love about Japanese cuisine—fresh ingredients, excellent plating, great service. Plus, there’s the added novelty of ordering from vending machines. If you haven’t tried this out once, then there’s no better time than now to do so.

Politeness as a way of life

In Japan, people bow and say ‘Ohayou’ or ‘Konnichiwa’ even when you don’t know each other. And while some might find this disconcerting, it can be amazing to see how this politeness translates to being helpful and considerate of others, says the Huffington Post. Japanese people are some of the most polite and kind people you’ll ever meet.

An important reminder

While going around in popular tourist spots is easy, if you’re planning on visiting temples, hotsprings or lakes in mountain towns, that could entail a bit more challenge, especially since English signs might be fewer or non-existent. You’ll want to prepare for that day trip by reading up on guidebooks for solo travel tips for women to help you. That way, you’ll be prepared and all set the minute you get off the train and set off in the direction of the temple, onsen or lake you want to see.

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