4 Nutrients Your Child Needs

If you’re a parent who takes health seriously, you probably want to learn all that you can about the vitamins and supplements you should buy for your child in Draper. It can be difficult for children and adolescents to obtain the nutrients they need from their diet alone, but a combination of a well-balanced diet and the appropriate supplements ensures that their bodies will have everything they need to maintain healthy growth.

A few of the vitamins and minerals that your child needs without fail are:

  1. Calcium. Bones and teeth rely on calcium for development and strength. Plus, the more bone your child builds early, the longer their bones will remain sturdy when they’re older, and bone loss begins to take its toll.

  2. Vitamin D. Vitamin D and calcium go hand in hand. Vitamin D is essential for the maintenance of calcium and phosphorus levels, so make sure that your kids get plenty of time in the sunlight! This can be more difficult to achieve during the colder months, but supplements can help to account for this difference.

  3. Vitamin B12. B12 (and other B vitamins, too) are necessary for the maintenance of energy, as well as a healthy heart and nervous system. As children age, they will require slightly more and more vitamin B12, found in animal-based foods or multivitamins.

  4. Iron. Iron is responsible for helping the body’s red blood cells to deliver oxygen throughout the body. Proper supplementation is especially critical for adolescent girls, as iron is lost along with blood during each menstrual cycle.

Ensure that your growing family receives the nutrition they need through a balanced diet and fresh foods from a store like Shirlyn’s Natural Foods, and ask your child’s pediatrician if buying vitamins and supplements in Draper might be of added benefit!

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