4 Effective Ways to Ease Your Dog’s Fear of Veterianarians in Chandler AZ

Often, one of the most stress-filled situations for dog is visiting the veterinarian. Many dogs become fearful, anxious and even aggressive during routine checkups and medical procedures. Happily, there are some easy ways to reduce anxiety and make your dog much calmer when it’s time to visit veterinarians in Chandler AZ area. Keep reading to learn some simple strategies that can make vet visits a much better experience for you and your pooch.

Arrange a Meet-and-Greet

One of the best ways to reduce vet-related stress is to let your dog meet his Veterinarians before you take him in for a regular vet visit. Introduce your dog to the practitioners and get him used to the sounds and smells in the building. While you’re there, give him a few treats. This will build a positive association in your dog’s mind about the vet center and its employees.

Tire Him Out

Many people find it very effective to spend some time exercising their dog before a trip to the vet. A tired dog is much more likely to be calm and docile during an office visit. Play a game of Frisbee, go for a walk or take a jog around the block about an hour before your scheduled appointment.

Avoid Car Troubles

Some pet owners make the mistake of only taking their dog for a car ride when it’s time to visit Veterinarians Chandler AZ. A dog will learn to associate the car with an unpleasant experience, and may resist or show signs of extreme duress before you even get to the clinic. To combat this, teach your dog to associate car rides with good things. Take him for a ride to a dog park, a playmate’s house or a dog-friendly pet store where he can get a treat and meet new friends.

Avoid Too Much Interaction In the Waiting Room

The waiting room of a vet’s office can be a chaotic scene of barking animals, and this can overwhelm your dog. Try not to be too early for your appointment, and limit the contact your dog has with other animals and people in the waiting room. A dog’s excitement can quickly turn to fear or anxiety once he’s in the vet’s office.

Vet visits can be stressful for both you and your pooch, but there are ways to make the experience a better one. Keep the tips above in mind for a better vet visit! get more info