3 Things to Know About Getting a Restaurant Permit in Orange County for Reconstruction

With plans for a new and improved restaurant underway, it can be an exciting project that holds many good prospects. However, before you can proceed with the reconstruction of the restaurant, you must first obtain the proper permit. There are a bunch of small detailed aspects that people forget about, but you need to know the most important points about getting a permit. Then, you can proceed knowing that you are educated on what getting a permit actually means.

You Should Consult an Attorney
Before you make any kind of a legal move, you should always consult your attorney. That way, you are not tricked into certain things that you did not realize or know about when you first sought the permit. Once you receive a Restaurant Permit in Orange County, have your lawyer look over it for anything that may compromise your plans.

Your Plans Must Be Approved
Even before you obtain a Restaurant Permit in Orange County, your plans for rebuilding or reconstructing your restaurant must be approved by the city. In addition, if you make any changes after your permit is issued, you are required to get those approved as well. If you do not get these changes approved, you could be in big trouble and even sacrifice the future of your restaurant. Take the time to properly draw up plans and go over them so that you do not have to make many changes or take them to the courthouse again and again.

Fees and Costs
There is a set cost of your permit, but anything you add also is figured into the final bill. Anything you do outside of what the permit allows puts you in danger for additional fees and fines, which all add up. When you are already spending so much on the reconstruction itself, you cannot afford to pay unnecessary fees as well.

It is an exciting time when your restaurant is under construction. However, this fun time can be deeply marred if you do not seek the correct permits for your reconstruction. Take care of this by consulting a lawyer and drawing up plans to ensure the permit covers everything you need it to and more. Visit Orchid Construction & Facility Services for more information.

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