3 Signs That You Need to Have Your Car’s Brakes Serviced Soon

Keeping your vehicle’s brakes in good condition is essential for roadway safety as well as for keeping the rest of your vehicle in good operating condition. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to recognize the subtle symptoms of a brake problem until they need new brakes near Brighton Park. Here are a few signs that can help you identify a problem sooner.

Slower Stopping

If your vehicle isn’t stopping as soon as it normally does, this usually indicates a leak in your brake line. Your mechanic should inspect the vehicle to identify the location of the leak. If it’s not repaired, it can worsen and lead to an inability to stop the vehicle at all.

Sensitive Brakes

Another problem that can arise is that your brakes are too sensitive, causing the slightest tap on the pedal to stop the vehicle very abruptly. This can be caused by poor quality brake fluid or uneven wear on your rotors. Either condition requires service by an experienced brake technician.

Vibrating Brake Pedal

Over time, your rotors will wear down and become too thin, or your brake pads may be worn down leaving the backing plate to rub against the rotors. In either case, the result is that a grinding sensation will occur and cause the brake pedal to vibrate against your foot. You’ll need new brakes near Brighton Park, and you may also need new rotors.

When you do suspect a problem with your brakes, the safest thing to do is to schedule an inspection with VIP Tire Corporation by visiting them online at www.viptire.com.

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