3 Red Flags When You’re Hiring a Staffing Firm

The right hire can boost your team’s performance and productivity levels. If you need to recruit and hire, getting professional help matters. HR recruiting firms in St. Paul can help you find the talents you need in a way that’s reliable, fast, and convenient. However, not all hiring companies were made equal. Here are some red flags that indicate when you should start looking elsewhere:

Little Expertise

Chron says that one of the best reasons to hire a staffing agency is the level of expertise you can get from the recruitment staff. However, if the staff seems new and inexperienced, then they likely won’t give you the results you want. Before you hire a staffing agency, make sure you take a long look at the quality and experience of the hiring staff first.

Low Cost

If the staffing agency supplies you with talents ready to work for job rates that are much too low, that could be a red flag. You could end up hiring low-quality talents that could damage your credibility and hurt your business.

Don’t go for the cheapest option right off the bat. While low cost hiring solutions shouldn’t automatically mean a dismissal, take the time to carefully assess the quality of the talents. If the company is paying them low job rates, that’s not going to be fair, either. They could resign within the year and leave you and your team in the lurch.

No Process

Ask the hiring company about their hiring process. How do they source the talents? If they can’t describe the process to you or provide you with a thorough run-through of their system, this could be a red flag, meaning they might not be as organized or as credible as you might think.

Pay attention to these red flags before you pick a staffing agency to work with.

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