3 Reasons Your U.S. Business Should Provide Your Employees With Desk Risers

Providing each employee in your office with an adjustable desk riser gives them the opportunity to spend all or part of their day in a standing position. This is important because there are health benefits to spending more time in a standing position. It may even improve productivity since people have more energy when they stand versus staying in a seated position.

Fight Obesity

In a recent study, it was found that people who spent their afternoons at a standing desk riser burned an average of 170 more calories than their seated co-workers. While physical activity is best for burning calories, this study and other research have found that standing does burn some calories. In this way, standing desks can help your employees get in shape and stay fit.

Regulate Blood Sugar

It was recently found that workers who stood at an adjustable desk riser for 180 minutes following their lunch break experienced a 43% reduction in their blood glucose levels. In another study, people who rotated between standing and sitting at 30-minute intervals experienced an 11% decrease in blood sugar levels.

Reduce Risks For Your Heart

While there isn’t any research that using a standing desk riser will cut your risks for heart disease, there is evidence that sitting down for extended periods of time does damage the cardiovascular system. In fact, researchers estimate that a sedentary routine increases heart risks by up to 147% on average. Giving your employees the opportunity to stand more throughout the workday may help them keep these risks lower.

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