3 Reasons to Head to Urgent Care in Maui

It always seems to be the case that sickness or injuries take place right after the doctor’s office closes its doors at the end of the day. At that point, patients wonder where they can go to receive medical care and treatment for a variety of situations. In most cases, the best option is Urgent Care in Maui. This type of facility is set up to handle a range of medical issues with the compassion and support patients come to expect from their primary care physicians. Here are some examples of situations that could send patients to the Wailea Medical Center and Urgent Care.

Bites or Stings

No one plans to suffer from a sea urchin sting while vacationing in Maui. No one expects to be bit by an animal while wandering through some beautiful landscape. Unfortunately, these things happen all the time. Even the most cautious of travelers runs into this type of problem from time to time. Most of the time these injuries cannot wait until a person’s vacation has ended and he or she is traveling home. In order to deal with the pain and possibility of infection, patients need to seek out medical attention in an Urgent Care in Maui.

Cold or Flu

There’s not much worse than getting sick on vacation. When the first symptoms start to show up, it is important to seek out medical assistance right away. Waiting until things get really bad could not only ruin a vacation but also extend the amount of time it takes to recover. By going to an urgent care at the first onset of symptoms, it is possible to get a handle on the sickness and start to feel better as soon as possible. As an added bonus, most urgent care facilities also administer flu shots to patients in need of immunizations.

Lacerations or Sprains

There are lots of activities to participate in when visiting Hawaii. With places to hike and explore all over the island of Maui, many visitors come expecting to enjoy a lot of different physical activities. Along the way, some people hiking, biking, or even walking run into issues. If a person falls, lacerations, cuts and bruises are common. During the fall, some even strain a muscle or sprain an ankle. Each of these issues can be treated at an urgent care facility.

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