3 Important Reasons to Hire a Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer in Stroudsburg PA

Engaged couples may be able to write up their own prenuptial agreement and have it made official through notarizing, but there are important reasons to hire a Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer in Stroudsburg PA instead. Anyone who feels the need for a prenup probably has substantial assets or other important concerns, and this person should not take chances with a do-it-yourself document being ruled invalid.

Asset Protection

A common reason for a prenuptial agreement is to protect assets in case of a divorce, particularly a divorce within a relatively short time frame. One person may be entering the marriage with pricey real estate and vehicles, along with various investments. Although some people feel that hiring a Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer in Stroudsburg PA lends an element of cynicism to the marriage, setting up this arrangement is a logical and reasonable step.

Important Concerns

Some couples, particularly those with children from previous relationships, may have specific preferences regarding who inherits assets they had when beginning the marriage. Each individual may want their children to inherit a certain amount instead of everything automatically going to the spouse.

Another issue that sometimes comes up is when one person enters the marriage with a piece of property that has sentimental value. This might be a family cottage, for example. A prenup protects that real estate, keeping it in the family in the event of a divorce or the owner’s death.

Invalid Agreements

When a married couple with a prenuptial arrangement begins divorce proceedings, one of the spouses may attempt to have that legal document ruled invalid. There are many strategies that lawyers can use to accomplish this, which is why it’s imperative to have the document originally crafted by legal professionals. They know which factors cannot be included in these documents, according to state laws. They know all the potential loopholes attorneys try to use to break the agreement.

For all these reasons, a person who is engaged and wants to develop a prenuptial agreement should hire a lawyer for assistance. Then there will be no worries that the document was crafted incorrectly. Contact Erik Conrad Attorney to schedule an appointment.

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