3 Defenses that Your Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS May Use for Your DWI Charge

If you have been charged with a DUI and are facing a pending court date, you want to make sure you have a DWI defense attorney to help defend you in court. They will go through the legal process with you and develop a defense plan to help prove your innocence. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty.

There are various sobriety tests that police use when they pull over a supposed, “drunk driver.” However, these tests sometimes do not stand up in court because they are shown to be insufficient evidence and can sometimes lead to the cause getting dismissed. Below are three defenses that your Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS may use for your DWI charge.

First off, make sure you are prepared for court. You want to have a solid defense in your own interest. This is why it is essential to have Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS present to represent you and have your best interest in court.

Breathalyzer Machine Calibration

A common defense against a police officer’s evidence is the breathalyzer machine is not calibrated properly. Your Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS may use this defense in your case. You want to do everything in your power to defend your innocence.

Walk-And-Turn Test

The walk-and-turn test is often dismissed in court because it is seen as insufficient evidence. Your DWI Defense Attorney may claim that such a test is insufficient at determining your state of sobriety because of a potential injury that may deem this test insufficient. Having a DWI attorney will raise your chances of having the charges dismissed.

Other Tests Can Be Inconclusive

Other field sobriety tests, such as counting or saying the alphabet backward can often be dismissed as evidence because they, too, can be inconclusive. It is in your best interest to defend your case against such tests given.

Overall, if you are charged with a DWI, hire a defense attorney immediately. They will have your best interest in court, which will help your case. The above three defenses are usually used in court because most sobriety tests given are often found inconclusive in court.

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