3 Crucial Elements to Maintain in a Heating System Powered by a Boiler in Westchester County

One of the oldest forms of heat available are boiler systems. The biggest reasons they are so popular is because of their reliability and ease of use. If you have a boiler system in your home, the key to keeping it operational is regular maintenance. While a Boiler in Westchester County is designed to last for years, if they aren’t properly maintained it could lead to a complete system failure that will leave you in the cold and with a huge repair bill. By having the following items checked on a regular basis, you can rest assured that you will have a constant flow of hot water for your heating system.

Pipe Cleaning and Maintenance The pipes that feed water into your boiler can become clogged overtime. Naturally occurring sediment in your water can collect on the walls of pipes and cause a complete blockage to form. By having your pipes cleaned on a regular basis, you can rest assured that you will have a steady flow of water available, and prevent pressure from building up and causing leaks which can damage the structural components of your home. Gasket Replacement Without properly functioning gaskets, your boiler will not be water proof and is prone to leakage. By having gaskets replaced before trouble starts, you can make the repair process cheaper and prevent a system outage that could leave you in the cold. Hire a Technician For Your Boiler in Westchester County to inspect your gaskets so you can keep your machine running without issue. Burner Testing The burner of your boiler has a big job. It is what maintains the flame needed to heat the water in your system. If this stops working, it will cause your heat to stop working. Make sure you have your boiler burner plate cleaned at least once a year and tested for efficiency so you know it is operating at a cost effective level.

If you need a professional to help you service a Boiler in Westchester County, contact Cassidy Plumbing Inc. No matter the age or make of your boiler system, they will have the know how and expertise to fix it right the first time. Contact them today to schedule your maintenance or service appointment so you can have the hot water you need at all times. Visit for more information.

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