3 Advantage To Tenants With Smart Metering

There is a lot of information online about the benefits of smart metering for landlords, particularly landlords of larger apartment or condo buildings or complexes, manufactured home communities, or even for commercial properties.

For landlords, the ease of billing and management makes smart meters the best choice, with the utility management company handling all billing, payments, and processing. Additionally, the property owner or manager can log onto a secure portal and review water use by unit, by area or by property, making it a very convenient tool for decision making.

The benefits of tenants may not be initially promoted as much by the utility management companies. However, for the landlord, promoting smart metering in an apartment building, a condo complex or a manufactured home community can have a substantial impact on bringing in new tenants.

Full Control Over Water Bills

With each unit individually billed, tenants can implement water conservation practices to manage their monthly water bill. Additionally, each unit pays per actual use, not by a formula which does not account for guests, additional water use or other factors.

In this way, each tenant pays their “fair” amount for water based on their own usage patterns.

Easy Bill Payment and Management

Logging into a secure website to pay utility bills is also a part of smart metering. Without the technology, the individual would pay based on a bill or a flat rate, which is typically due to the landlord by a specific date. With online bill pay, each individual can manage their own account, check history and compare monthly usage.

Ability to Detect Problems

The addition of smart meters also means problems with irregular water use in units, either vacant or occupied, can be quickly detected. The reports can flag water use outside of normal limits, allowing the landlord to check for broken pipes or leaks to prevent water damage throughout a building.

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