2 Ways to Help You Effectively Train New Recruits and Boost Productivity

Have you been noticing that your new recruits are having difficulties applying their in-class training, even though it has been a month since they have been introduced to the live production environment? Are you looking for more effective ways to train your recruits? Do you find your employees lacking in motivation and are wondering what you can do to boost productivity? If you answered yes or if these situations apply to you, then here are 2 ways to help you with your situation.

360 Video Presentations

One way you can effectively train new recruits while boosting productivity amongst your current employees is by creating and using 360-degree video presentations. By creating this type of immersive content, your recruits and current employees will be motivated and inspired to continue learning new skills. 360 video presentations also allow you to present training modules from a first-person point of view.


Another way to help your company’s new recruits apply their in-class training is through gamification. Gamification is the process of applying gaming designs and concepts to training and learning sessions. Similar to 360 video presentations, using this method of training will help your recruits be more engaged, allowing them to easily recall and apply their in-class training when transitioning to a live production environment.

The Experts Who Can Help

Perhaps you are convinced that these new methods would be advantageous and are wanting to adopt these new ways of training into your training and development department. You are now perhaps searching for a consultancy firm that can help you. Look no further than to the experts at CoreAxis Consulting. They offer their training and development expertise to help you effectively train your recruits and boost productivity amongst your current employees. Call or visit them at their website today.

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