Using a Crematory in Ogden, UT: Reviewing Your Options

Cremation is a choice that does not eliminate or necessitate a funeral ceremony. Contemporary or traditional services are frequently planned before or after a cremation. For instance, a funeral that is followed by cremation may replicate a funeral service that is followed by burial. Services can be basic or elaborate, and either traditional or modern in style.

A Complete Cremation

As a result, the use of a crematory in Ogden, UT can be just as individualized as a person wishes. If you wish to have a complete cremation, this type of service is just like a regular funeral service with in-ground burial. Instead, in this instance, a cremation follows the service.

You can accommodate this type of ceremony with the selection of a cremation casket, which is made for cremation. Following the service, the remains may be scattered, buried, or returned to family members. An urn, which can be made of various materials, is used to hold the remains.

Immediate Cremations

A crematory may also be used for an immediate cremation service. This type of service involves immediate cremation of the body, and is usually followed by a memorial service. The service may be held at a funeral home, church, or other site.

Memorial services are commemorative services where a body is not present. If you select immediate cremation, you can arrange for a private viewing of the body by family members before the cremation. If the viewing can be done within a couple of hours after death, embalming is not required. However, embalming is encouraged if the body cannot be viewed immediately.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation refers to a cremation at a crematory while restricting the funeral service to the removal and transport of the deceased in a funeral home’s care.

Where to Obtain Further Details

To obtain further information about the cremation process, or learn more about pre-planning options for funerals, visit Myers Mortuary online. You can review merchandise options for funerals on the website or contact the funeral home directly by phone.

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