Questions to Ask Prior to Investing in Air Conditioner Installation in Tucson AZ

No air conditioning system is going to last forever. However, the good news is that if a homeowner has a system that is older, replacing it and investing in new Air Conditioner Installation in Tucson AZ can actually help to save money. After all, modern system efficiency has come quite a long way compared to the older versions that many homes still use. However, prior to investing in a replacement unit, or having it installed, it is important to ask certain questions.

How is the new air conditioning unit going to be sized?

If a homeowner asks a technician how they are going to determine the right size unit to install in the home, there are a few wrong answers that homeowners should be aware of. Some of these include:

  • A three ton AC is being used now, so that is what is going to be installed.
  • Since a three ton AC unit is being used, the technician recommends going up to a four ton to ensure the home remains cool.
  • The homeowner told the technician their home was 2400 sq. ft. so a four ton AC unit is best.

Each of these answers doesn’t take into account a number of factors including the fact that the original contractor may not have sized the unit properly, because bigger is not always better, and because just using the square footage of a home doesn’t always provide an accurate measurement.

The proper method for sizing a cooling unit is to calculate the cooling and heating loads for the home. A professional can easily do this.

Will the contractor be testing for any leakage in the ducts?

What goes on inside the cooling equipment is only a part of what is going to make the home cool and ensure it is comfortable. As a result, the ducts play a huge role in the home’s comfort. If there are no tests for leaks done prior to professional air conditioner installation in Tucson AZ of a new unit, it may be irrelevant.

More information about AC installation is available by contacting the staff at Arico Plumbing Heating Cooling. Finding the right installation professionals matters so be sure to take some time to find the right company. Being informed ensures any home, regardless of size, is cool and comfortable throughout the year.

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